Where your memories become reality.

The story starts with you. Over and over The Moments Captured CEO Steven Oliver watched people around the world enjoying themselves, but only having a few “tourist” pictures and amateur videos of themselves living in the moment. The “excuse me, can you take a picture” or “I wish I would have gotten that on video” days are OVER. The Moments Captured is here to deliver stunning footage, an amazing experience, and unforgettable times. Based out of a small town in Southern California, The Moments Captured is distraction free from the busyness of large cities, and is extremely focused on the highest quality product our customers have ever seen. Thank you for visiting. Welcome to The Moments Captured, where your memories become reality.


-BA Aerospace Science

-BA Small BS/Entrepreneurship

-AA International Business

-13 Years Exp of Distantly Controlled  Aeronautics

-Licensed FAA 107 UAV Pilot

-CEO of Coasterstyle

-CEO of Bomakbathbombs

- CEO of Steele's Cameras

-CEO The Moments Captured LLC